Welcome to Companion Animals at Hunter College

Welcome to Psychology 68058 at Hunter College! This course focuses on evaluating the topic of companion animals in society. Two-thirds of American households include a companion animal, and we spend over $60 billion a year on pet care. Some studies even suggest pets could be good for our health. At the same time, millions of dogs and cats find their way into animal shelters each year, commercial dog breeding establishments resist reform, free- roaming cats are targeted for native bird decline, and dog fighting continues. This course explores the current and historical function and influences on companion animals in society. Topics include the history of pet keeping, the development of movements that provide protection and care for animals, the growth of associated industries and businesses that provide products and services for pets, and the varied nature of peoples’ relationships with companion animals. Controversial issues of current concern are examined in detail.

This course also provides a blog section in which student work is shared!